Announcing release 1.0-M2

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Announcing release 1.0-M2

Karel Maesen
Hello all,

I just released Hibernate Spatial 1.0-M2. This is a milestone release
in preparation for an official 1.0 release.

Noteworthy changes are:
     * Added support for Linear Referencing to Postgis
     * Hibernate-spatial.cfg.xml is always read on startup
     * Added a ConnectionFinder Interface to return the active Oracle  
JDBC connection
     * Improved  support for GeometryCollection types in Postgis

See also the release notes on the download page (http://

The site has also been updated:
* Added an issue management system ( 
* Tutorial has been expanded with an example using JPA/Hibernate  
* Added a source insight tool ( 
* Added a Road Map (


Karel Maesen

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