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[Hibernatespatial-announce] Announcing Release 1.0

Karel Maesen
Hello all,

I just released Hibernate Spatial 1.0 - our first major release.  
Besides numerous improvements, this version also adds support for  
Microsft SQL Server 2008.

Release Notes - Hibernate Spatial - Version 1.0

** Bug
     * [HIBSPA-25] - Storing valid MultiPolygon with holes leads to  
invalid Geometry in Database
     * [HIBSPA-26] - Change warning message to info when no  
configuration file is found.
     * [HIBSPA-29] - Invalid connection exceptions in SDO_GEOMETRY  
class when using OCI driver
     * [HIBSPA-31] - String Geometry collection fails with ORA-29875:  
failed in the execution of the ODCIINDEXINSERT routine
     * [HIBSPA-33] - GeometryUserType implement Serializable
     * [HIBSPA-34] - SDOGeometryType and OracleSpatial10gDialect  
implement Serializable
     * [HIBSPA-35] - Nullpointer exception thrown by EventLocator
     * [HIBSPA-36] - EventLocator doesn't set SRID on result
     * [HIBSPA-37] - Parse Exception when trying to store empty  
     * [HIBSPA-38] - Thread-safety issue in WKBReader
     * [HIBSPA-40] - Change scope of database drives to provided in  
hibernate-spatial-* modules
     * [HIBSPA-42] - getMaxM() returns -Infinity on a valid  
MultiMLineString object
     * [HIBSPA-43] - documentation on parametrized type is incorrect
     * [HIBSPA-45] - NPE in GeometryUserType.java ; dialect not  
picked up
     * [HIBSPA-51] - Typo in GeometryType function

** Improvement
     * [HIBSPA-5] - Oracle provider generates slow SQL queries.
     * [HIBSPA-17] - Restructure unit testing framework
     * [HIBSPA-20] - Create source code artifacts for easy reference  
from IDEs
     * [HIBSPA-27] - Do not assume the JDBC Resultset contains oracle  
STRUCTS for geometry objects
     * [HIBSPA-28] - Switch to slf4j so HS uses same logging approach  
as Hibernate
     * [HIBSPA-30] - Dialect extends depracated dialect
     * [HIBSPA-41] - The repositories tag structure given at the link  
http://www.hibernatespatial.org/mavenquick.html has a bug.
     * [HIBSPA-48] - Better dependency management

** New Feature
     * [HIBSPA-22] - Hibernate Spatial needs to provide a Type object  
for the GeometryUserType class.
     * [HIBSPA-44] - Create provider for Sqlserver 2008 geometry type

** Task
     * [HIBSPA-47] - update all dependencies to latest stable version


Karel Maesen

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