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[Hibernatespatial-announce] H2 GeoDB provider released

Karel Maesen
Hi List,

I'm pleased to announce that a Hibernate Spatial provider for GeoDB is now available. GeoDB is a spatial extension of H2, the Java SQL database. GeoDB utilizes the JTS library as its geometry engine and the Hatbox library for spatial indexing support.  For more information, you can visit GeoDB's project home at http://wiki.github.com/jdeolive/geodb/ .

Geodan (http://www.geodan.com) developed this provider, and they have committed to continue its development.  Thank you, Geodan!

As a light-weight in-memory database, H2/GeoDB is ideal for automated unit/integration testing. Jan Boonen of Geodan wrote a nice tutorial explaining how they use GeoDB in this setting. You can find it at: http://www.hibernatespatial.org/hibernate-spatial-h2-geodb/tutorial-integration-testing.html


Karel Maesen
Geovise BVBA

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