[Hibernatespatial-announce] Hibernate Spatial 4.0-M1 milestone release

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[Hibernatespatial-announce] Hibernate Spatial 4.0-M1 milestone release

Karel Maesen
Hi list,

Hibernate Spatial 4.0-M1 has been released. This release is compatible with Hibernate 4.x only.

This is a milestone release in preparation of a final 4.0 release.

This version is based on the code that integrates Hibernate Spatial into the upcoming Hibernate 5 release. Because of that there are quite a few changes to the code.  The most important changes are:
* package org.hibernatespatial is now org.hibernate.spatial
* only one jar needed: all dialects are now included in the base package
* 'GeometryUserType' is replaced by 'GeometryType' - reflecting the close integration into Hibernate of this and upcoming HS releases.

You can download the library from here: http://www.hibernatespatial.org/download.html

I have also updated the tutorial to reflect the changes (http://www.hibernatespatial.org/tutorial-hs4.html).

Active development of Hibernate Spatial is now happening on a fork of Hibernate Core ORM at github: https://github.com/maesenka/hibernate-core. The code for this release lives in branch HS4.0. Development in preparation of Hibernate 5 takes place on branch HHH-6509+metamodel (HHH-6509 is the Hibernate ORM ticket for the integration of HS).

There are a lot of changes compared to HS 1.x, motivated by the need to integrate into Hibernate ORM or simply by the wish to simplify things. If you feel that some changes are not for the better, or have suggestions for improvements, please let me know.


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