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[Hibernatespatial-announce] Hibernate Spatial 4.0 released

Karel Maesen
Hi list,

Hibernate Spatial 4.0 is now officially released. This release is compatible with Hibernate 4.x only.

This version is based on the code that integrates Hibernate Spatial into the upcoming Hibernate 5 release. Because of that there are quite a few changes to the code.  The most important changes compared to Hibernate Spatial 1.x are:
* package org.hibernatespatial is now org.hibernate.spatial
* only one jar needed: all dialects are now included in the base package
* 'GeometryUserType' is replaced by 'GeometryType' - reflecting the close integration into Hibernate of this and upcoming HS releases.

There are more release notes here: http://www.hibernatespatial.org/documentation/01-download/02-relnotes/

I've also given the website a makeover. This became necessary because Hibernate no longer uses maven as build tool, so can't rely on the maven site generator.

Work will now shift entirely to the integration of Hibernate Spatial into Hibernate-ORM 5.

If you experience any problems with this release, or with the website, let me know.

Happy coding,

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